Hi. I’m Paul. I’m a philosopher and academic, and I like this quip by Wolfgang Huemer which describes me in a nutshell rather well.

“Philosophers tend to have the bad habit of detecting complex and mind-boggling problems in contexts that seem clear and obvious in everyday life.”
—The Constitution of Consciousness: A Study in Analytic Phenomenology, 2004

My contact information is there to the right, and you can scroll down to find out more about who I am and what my bad habit has me after these days. Thanks for stopping by!

I recently joined the Department of Philosophy at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign as a graduate student in their PhD program. Before this, I completed an MA for the Department of Philosophy at San Francisco State University, with a thesis on the concept of intuition in the work of Immanuel Kant. My current research focuses on the main figures of the Early Modern period (esp. Locke). My CV.

More generally, I’m interested in applying insights from Kant’s work, and the work of those who influenced Kant and were influenced by Kant (esp. Neo-Kantians and Analytic philosophers), to contemporary and historical problems in a variety of philosophical areas, particularly metaphysics and the philosophies of science, of mind, and of language. I enjoy exploring the history of Kant scholarship, developing themes and connections, and I focus on topics such as the unity of science, the structure of scientific methodology, and the connection between science, reason, and common sense. This involves studying Kant’s (and Kantianism’s) influence on a wide variety of philosophers, scientists, and individuals.

I employ a multidisciplinary and international (or multicultural) approach in my work that I consider characteristic of the sort of intellectual pursuit most in the spirit of Kant’s legacy. My goal is to help show the enduring importance of metaphysical, social, and ethical topics and the history of philosophy for scientific inquiry and practice, and thereby further the understanding of our many places in the world.


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I create music under the pseudonym Sigh, I’m very slowly writing both a set of interrelated plays structured according to the classic ‘tetralogy’ model as well as a more modern novel, and I have quite a few unpublished poems lying around.